National Conventions
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First National Convention:

The activities on Muslim Rashtriya Manch started taking shape in 2003. Sufficient legwork was done by Indresh Kumar, Mohammed Afzal and his team of "My Hindustan", Muzaffar Hussain and others. Largely attended meetings of Muslims were organized in Delhi, Rajasthan and Kashmir prior to holding a bigger meeting at Delhi in 2003 August. The first national-level convention of such nationalist Muslims was held in Delhi's International Youth Hostel at Chanakyapuri where 125 participants from all over the country participated. The host of this first convention was 'My Hindustan' of Mohd Afzal. It was attended by Indresh Kumar, Anand Shankar Pandya, Vice-President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS former Sah-Sarkaryawah of RSS Madan Das and RSS spokesman Ram Madhav. This first ever national convention passed a resolution demanding total ban on cow slaughter. Dr Rashid Ali from Saharanpur in UP, who sacrificed his life for protection of cow supported the resolution. Dr Rashid Ali was killed by some anti-social elements as he opposed killing of cows. Following this meetings of Muslims were held in Delhi, Yavatmal in Vidarbha, Hadauti region in Rajasthan, Nagpur, Mungher, Jammu, and Indore.

The Second National Convention:

The second national convention was held on 12-13 February 2004 again at the International Youth Hostel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. This convention was attended by representatives from 13 states prominent among them were Dr Shamsi from Bihar, Dr M A Farooqi from Indore, Amar Khan from Mumbai, Mohd Afzal, Umer Ahmed Nakshbandi, President of Bharatiya Muslim Parishad and Secretary Dr Tahir Hussain, Alamgir Gauri of Indore. Prominently present were the then RSS Sarsanghchalak K S Sudarshan and Indresh Kumar. Addressing the gathering Sudarshan said that he was surprised to see the massive response to this new movement of nationalist Muslims.

He expressed hope and confidence that the artificial barriers would soon be demolished bringing Muslims and Hindus close to each other. He said that 99.9 per cent Muslims belonged to this country who shares same ancestors and culture with the Hindus. Quoting from Raskhan and Abdul Rahim Khankhana he said their thinking and ideals were rooted in this land. RSS never said that Muslims in India came from outside. They are part and parcel of this great country, society and culture. Muslims need to understand this fact. The RSS Chief said that in principle he was not opposed to Muslims joining RSS but the initiative must come from the Muslims themselves. If they come forward the RSS will definitely help them. He stressed that politics divides while culture unites and we must understand this fact to save us from further disintegration. Sudarshan emphasized that only perfect unity of Hindus and Muslims can assure peace, progress and prosperity of our country and make India world leader. The former Union Minister Dr C P Thakur was also present at this convention. The convention was addressed by Indresh Kumar who dwelt at length on the functioning style of this new movement of nationalist Muslims. He said that this movement was initiated by the Muslim thinkers and intellectuals and RSS has only extended its support to it. He assured that the RSS would play a role of assisting the movement which is for the Muslims, by the Muslims and of the Muslims.

Following resolutions were passed in this convention:

Cow slaughter in the country should be immediately stopped by law. Article 370 should be scrapped forthwith to save Kashmir from separatism. Equal rights should be granted to Muslim women for their progress and uplift. Denounced the acts of terrorism in world and especially in Kashmir valley. Assured full support to Government of India in its fight against terrorism. Resolve Ayodhya dispute through discussions and deliberations. The truth should be identified and decision should be taken on the basis of that truth.

Third National Convention:

The Third National Convention was held at Jaipur on February 12-13, 2005 under the auspices of My Hindustan and Rashtravadi Muslim Andolan..Ek Nayi Raah. It was held at the premises of Muslim Musafir Khana, Moti Dungri Masjid, Jaipur. The convention was attended by over 300 representatives coming from all states of the country. RSS Sarsanghchalak K S Sudarshan and Indresh Kumar were prominently present. Addressing this gathering Sudarshan said that Islam's true meaning is peace. But in the Muslim countries across the globe there is hardly any peaceful situation. India is the only country in the world where all the 73 sects (firke) of Muslims live in peace and tranquility. Owing to this fact India is the true "Dar-ul-Islam" that is the land of peace. He called upon the Muslim intellectuals and religious leaders to present the Indian Islam to the world and present a new ideal to the Muslim community worldwide. Indresh Kumar said that RSS was ready to help Muslims. There are differences on many issues. This movement is the movement of personality development. We must think of what we can do for our society and country. Sudarshan suggested that this new movement be rechristened as Muslim Rashtriya Manch. This suggestion was accepted by all.

Fourth National Convention:

The fourth national convention was held at Ajmer in March 2006 in association with Sarva Panth Samadar Manch. The participation increased in this convention considerably with more and more Muslims joining the new movement. It was inaugurated by leaders from all the religions. Especially, Maulana Jameel Iliyasi, President of All India Imam Council, Mufti of Rajasthan Maulana Mufti Sherkhan, RSS Sarsanghchalak K S Sudarshan, Rajasthan Minister and Member of Minority council, and Indresh Kumar were prominently present. Maulana Jameel Iliyasi in his speech asserted that RSS was the true friend of Muslims and described Sudarshan as 'torchbearer of communal harmony'. He called upon the Muslims to learn Sanskrit to facilitate mutual understanding. Maulana Mufti Sherkhan of Rajasthan denounced terrorism stating that it was against the tenets of Islam. Islam never advocated and preached violence. Those who support terrorism in thename of jihad are not the true followers of Islam, he said. Sudarshan and Maulana Iliyasi released a book titled "Rashtriya Pariprekshya Me Bharatiya Muslim" written and edited by journalist couple Sushama and Virag Pachpore of Nagpur and Mohd Afzal and his wife Shahnaz of Delhi.

Fifth National Convention:

The fifth national convention of Muslim Rashtriya Manch was held at Delhi from April 8-9, 2007. This was also attended by RSS Chief K S Sudarshan and Indresh Kumar. Tanveer Ahmed, Maulana Jameel Illiyasi and other prominent Muslim leaders were also present. Some important resolutions were adopted unanimously in this convention. They included:The life sketches of all the martyrs who laid down their lives in the service of motherland during 1857 to 1947 should be included in the syllabus of school students. With this the students will be introduced to their glorious past and can be inspired to work for the nation and society. It was resolved to observe the 150th anniversary of the 1857 War of Independence throughout the country. Total ban on cow slaughter and vow to protect cow and its progeny.Terrorism has no religious sanction and terrorism is not jihad. The convention demanded that government should release a white paper on all the terrorist acts starting from 1947; complete the probe in cases related to terrorism and punish the guilty according to the provisions of the law of the land; provide security and give powers to security and intelligence agencies to fight the terrorists in the country. The Muslim Rashtriya Manch decided to conduct countrywide signature campaign against terrorism.

Sixth National Convention:

The sixth national convention was held at Raipur in April 2008 in which a significant number of students and women participated. K S Sudarshan and Indresh Kumar were present to guide the participants. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr Raman Singh, Islamic scholar Dr. Jauhar Miya and other religious scholars were prominently present. Dr Johar Miya said that Islam is a religion that cares for humanity and its welfare. The violence in the name Islam has defamed this religion of peace , he said.

Sudarashan stressed that Muslims are not minority in India. They are the part and parcel of this country and society. If Islam means peace, then why this cruelty, he asked and clarified that ever since the religion became a tool in the hands of imperialist powers then all sorts of discrepancies set in it. He referred to a dialogue between Swami Ramteertha and Muslim Moulvis in Lucknow in 1905 in which the Swami said that Allah has sent 1.24 lakh 'Nabis' to the humanity. Some of them including Ram and Krishna, Buddha and Mahavir came to India. So, what is wrong in accepting them as 'Nabis' sent by Allah the all powerful? Maulana Jameel Iliyasi said that Muslims should respect all the Paigambars. Indresh Kumar gave a bird's eye view of the progress made by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch from its inception in 2002 till date and said that the movement was becoming popular among the Muslims with a great speed. Now the work has spread to 15 states with participation of Muslims in large numbers in the programs organized under its banner. We are committed to end the atmosphere of hatred and disbelief and usher in an era of mutual understanding, oneness and harmony, he said. Mohd Afzal, National Convener of Muslim Rashtriya Manch said that Indian Muslims have given to the world the 'third id' that is Id-e-milad-un-Nabi'- the birthday of the Prophet. This is in accordance with the Indian culture. The Muslims in India follow all the indigenous customs related to marriage etc. which shows their affinity to this land and its traditions.

Seventh National Convention:

Seventh National convention was held at Jaipur in 2009 followed by eighth national convention in in 2010 and ninth national convention in 2011 at Delhi. MRM National Convener Mohd Afzal, Patron Indresh Kumar and RSS Chief K S Sudarshan addressed the gathering in these conferences.

Tenth National Convention:

The tenth national convention was held at Pushkar in Rajasthan from June 26-28, 2012. This deserves a special mention as this was the last one addressed by former RSS Chief K S Sudarshan whose electrifying presence and inspiring words would be remembered as a valuable treasure by those who attended the Pushkar meet. MRM National Convener Mohd,. Afzal, co-convener and incharge of the camp Abbas Ali Bohra, Chhattisgarh Waqf Board Chairman Salim Ashrafi and former national convener of MRM Salavat Khan were prominently present at this convention. This tenth convention was participated by over 200 representatives coming from 25 states of India. Sudarshan said "Muslims in India have not come from outside but belong to this country and are inseparable part of the national life of this country like their Hindus".

Delivering the inaugural speech at the 10 th National Training Camp Sudarshan said all those living in India are Hindus. "We are all Hindus and this is our country Hindustan". Delving into the historical beginning of Muslim Rashtriya Manch a decade ago the former RSS Chief said that he had asked former President of All India Imam Council Maulana Jameel Iliyasi as to why the Muslims considered themselves as 'minority' when they belonged to this society and country as much as the Hindus? The former RSS Chief who was most respectfully referred to as 'Param Sarsanghchalak' by Imran Chaudhary and Mohd Afzal, explained in detail how the British rulers wedged a divide between the Hindus and Muslims after 1857 war which both had fought together and how the Congress in independent India reduced the Muslims to a mere vote bank. He also narrated the role of the then RSS Chief M S Golwalkar in persuading Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir to merge his state in India.

He appealed the Muslims to understand this game of the Congress party and save themselves from being reduced to mere vote bank in the future. MRM National Convener Mohd Afzal traced the beginning of MRM and said that the MRM endeavored to impress upon the people that Islam is really the religion of peace and that there was no place for violence and terrorism in the name of Islam. Referring to the fatwa issued by the Darul-uloom Deoband against terrorism in the name of religion, he said that it was the efforts and campaign by the MRM that prompted Deoband to issue such a fatwa denouncing terrorism and wanton killings in the name of jihad and religion. He said that the MRM activists have unfurled the national tricolor at Srinagar in Kashmir and sang Vande Mataram there braving all adverse situations. Not only this, the MRM participated in the MRM delegates participated in the Amarnath Shrine Board agitation and submitted a memorandum containing signatures of 10 lakh Muslims from the country to the President demanding ban on cow slaughter. He said that the MRM believed in the concept of Hindutva which according to him was all encompassing and included the Gurudwaras, Churches and Baba Garib Nawaz meaning the Sikhs, Christians and Muslims are covered by the term Hindu. Referring to the current debate on RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's statement on who should become the next prime minister of the country, Afzal said amidst thunderous applause that the MRM felt that the next prime minister should be a 'swayamsevak' of RSS. He said that the MRM would set up a blood bank shortly and to mark the beginning of this project a blood donation camp would be conducted on June 27 at the camp venue.

He said that Abbas Ali Bohra, national co-convener of the MRM has declared to finance the project. It was in this conference that Muslim Rashtriya Manch announced to set up a blood bank because he felt that the blood is directly related to humanity and not religion. This was in adherence to the wishes of MRM Patron Indresh Kumar who also gave slogan to save girl child to all the members present. This convention also decided to take up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir under the name "Hum Hindustani-Jammu-Kashmir Hindustan ka". It was again in this convention the MRM announced launching of its 'Seva Vibhag' and the beginning was marked by blood donation camp. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir in the light of the recent developments and report of the Interlocutors appointed by the UPA II government was presented by Arun Kumar, former RSS Provincial Organizer of J & K, and Ajay Bharti, a scholar on J & K affairs. Sajjada Nashin of Ajmer Durgah was especially present at the concluding ceremony of this National Convention along with Sudarshan, Indresh Kumar and other dignitaries. He emphatically said MRM was doing a yeoman service to the country and the community by spreading the message of love, brotherhood and peace. He said we are all one and there was no dispute at all. Sudarashan said that India has nursed the tradition of brotherhood and love since the hoary past. He said we are all fortunate to have been born in India. Islam, as presented by the Prophet, has been the religion of peace. But with the ascension of Omar as Caliph, Islam was converted into religion of hatred, violence and a tool to establish political hegemony. The Indian Muslims should show to the world the true Islam, he said.

Women's Convention:

Muslim Rashtriya Manch, from its very inception has given due importance to position of women in the society and organized Muslim Women's Conferences at Delhi, Pune, Jaipur and Agra. Muslim Rashtriya Manch has given 'Save Girl Child' program to all its members.